The Tomas Legacy

Redesigning the legacy book my grandfather wrote about his parents that details the Tomas famliy

As a self-directed project in my Studio 6 class at NSCAD University, this was the idea that instantly came to mind. Before redesigning this book, my family had a hard-bound copy written by my grandfather, Angkong, back in the Philippines. We were fortunate enough to have brought it with us to Canada. The purpose of redesigning this book was to uplift and give proper attention to the beautiful history that my ancestors have made. 

This book is dedicated to the past, present, and future legacy makers in the Tomas family. The story being told will be said in Angkong's perspective. Often you will notice referring to himself or his siblings from time to time. This is a reminder of the colourful history made before your time for you to look back to and keep moving forward. For the past legacy makers, thank you for the sacrifices and values you left for the future generations. You have shown us how rewarding resilience is and how family and love is crucial to achieving happiness.

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