Transitioning into a new environment with an unfamiliar language or developing physical and mental limitations as we grow older, pose great challenges that not only affect our physical wellbeing but also our mental health. For participants in new immigrant organizations and older adults in continuing care facilities in Canada, these are challenges that they face every day. These two groups are more vulnerable not only to being excluded in society but also to experiencing loneliness. Consequently, the lack of social networks and support produce long-term damage to psychological health. With that, a solution needs to be set in place.
A digital solution, Eh, bud! is an app for facilitators and trained volunteers to keep track of participants’ progress, discover stories told by older adults and newcomers, as well as schedule events for participants to attend. In light of recent events, this app is an innovative solution for older adults in continuing care facilities and participants in new immigrant organizations to stay connected.
Enjoyable social interaction, community, and laughter
has a healing effect
on the mind and body.
– Bryant McGill
Read the Eh, Bud! Newcomer Pamphlet here.

Eh, Bud! aims to be personal with the wide audience it strives to reach. Creating specialized information pamphlets for newcomers and older adults, helps the audience be informed about what we plan to do for them and how well we know them. 

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